Frequently Asked Questions

How does your artwork pricing work?

We ensure that you get 70% of the artwork base selling price, and for any adjustments, our artist manager works this out with you individually. 

Can I submit more than one artwork?

Yes, absolutely! You may submit as many artworks as you want. Each artwork will be reviewed and pre-approved before listing.

Can amateurs join?

We welcome all artists but review each application diligently based on our artist criteria.

Why do I need to make content?

In light of adapting to the new normal, we ask that you create content "from home" to lessen physical contact. Once you create your content, we can then create collaterals for social media and our website to promote you and your listings.  

How will you promote my artworks?

Artworks are listed on our website for at least six (6) months and are promoted in our social media platforms.

How long is the listing period?

You may choose to either:
a) continue listing your artworks with us by renewing for another 6 months or
b) choose to end listing for the set of artworks
We do not charge any additional fees for renewing or ending the listing after the agreed duration.

What happens if my artwork is not sold?

We may include unsold artworks at the end of the listing period through a flash promotion --terms for your approval and review.

How do I get paid?

We transfer your revenue electronically through our bank. Details will be available in your contract once you sign with us. We do not however shoulder any interbank transfer fees.

Can I sell or list my artwork on other pages?

Yes, you may list your artworks on other websites or galleries after our exclusive listing period of 6 months and if you choose not to renew your listing for said artworks.

How do you select artists and artworks?

We review each artist's portfolio diligently. On top of quality and consistency in visual style, we look for exciting, bold artists who are good collaborators and are enthusiastic about sharing their journey to their growing audience in social media.

If you're good with all this and want to work with us, register here.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to fill out the form below.