About Us

Our Story

The idea behind Arts Talk PH was simple. We wanted to find a way to help artists connect with collectors, buyers, fans and the art-curious through curated content and an online art community that makes viewing, selecting and buying art more convenient and accessible.

It stemmed from an unsold artwork being picked up by an artist from a gallery, three months after an exhibit was finished. The artist posted about it and though it didn’t convey disappointment, the artwork in a bag leaning against a wall as the artist waited for a ride said it all. We started the discussion --is it the norm that unsold artwork be returned to an artist and disappear into oblivion? How do they market their art without being displayed in a gallery? What of our up and coming artists, many of whom with exceptional talent but without the avenue to share it? With the recent world wide health crisis, finding answers to these questions were all the more urgent.

It pushed us to do what we can to help the community and what kind of gallery we could be if we did it completely in a digital space. We wanted engagement. We wanted to reach a younger audience and create a new breed of collectors. More importantly, we wanted the art to be in their homes and businesses. We wanted to help artists and would be collectors to achieve that. We believe that art should be for everybody and should be a bigger part of everyday life. No one is ever too young or too old to start collecting.
Arts Talk PH is an online platform for art and is also a place to ask questions, get to know artists, and get a glimpse of how their expressions turn into art. We designed the platform so that any artist would have the opportunity to share their expressions, and so that people can access the art conveniently and at their own pace.
We aim to make selecting and buying art more convenient and accessible by connecting artists with collectors, buyers, fans, and the curious through curated content and an online art community.
We strive to provide exceptional content and service through communication that is driven by honesty, transparency, accountability, respect and innovation.