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Written by: Fabrianne Morales, Chief Curator, Arts Talk PH

Note: This article was written with this playlist on repeat.

Everything in the universe is made up of vibrating energycelestial bodies, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the plants, the animals, and even us humans. 

What brought about Electric Youth is the exploration of the idea that our minds, our thoughts are so strong that whatever we think affects how we are and how we deal with certain situations. What we do about those thoughts sends out energy and creates ripples that affect everything around us. If we look at the world in that sense and attempt to change our mindset to be able to adapt to this world that we're living in now, there are innate, youthful traits that we already have that we can harness. 

If each individual’s thoughts send out "vibrations" to the cosmos, if whatever energy we put out affects the harmony of everything around us, would it then be logical to believe that changing the way we think also changes how we experience life?

Electric Youth is a collection of vibrant, feel-good pieces attempting to weave together introspective narratives and stories of each exhibiting artist on what it takes to truly thrive in this era. Electric Youth examines notions of youthful resilience, continuously moving forward, and the philosophy of creating viral positive energy through art.

Included in this exhibition are pieces by 0270501 (Zar), Astrud Moscoso, CabNov, Ciara Gan, Elie Quial, Fitz Herrera, Ivy Pangilinan, Jeanne Rose Gomez, John Magnus, Juert Asejo, Kankan Ramos, Karren Lopez, Lhean Storm, Pat Frades and Paulu Bruselas

Blue Hues0270501 (Zar), CabNov, Ciara Gan, Kankan Ramos, and Lhean Storm

Blue by 0270501 (Zar)

Multidisciplinary artist 0270501 (Zar) has been dabbling with multi-art forms for years. Since most of his pieces are in darker palettes, the “Experiments in Blue” series is his answer to the challenge of working within the exhibition concept. Out of 3 pieces, Untitled 02 (Experiments in Blue) made it to Electric Youth. For this piece, 0270501 used remarkably pigmented blue paint applied through big, carefree brushstrokes and pouring leaving manifestations of resilience and past movements on paper.

Party Trick by CabNov

New Zealand-raised visual artist CabNov draws influence from Nerds candies, Biology, and Botany as seen in her piece detailed, Party Trick. The painting features the character Huro—CabNov’s recurring subject— and is inspired by the moments when one has to keep smiling and to keep moving forward even when there’s sadness lurking. This is something that more people should learn in this day— youthful resilience, a concept that makes people bend with the wind and adapt regardless of circumstances. 

Vivid by Ciara Gan

Inspired by Ciara Gan’s recurring dreams during the stricter quarantine period, and painted using her signature style of applying thick layers of paint to form textured impasto flowers she’s known for, Vivid serves as a visual representation of the positive energy Ciara Gan puts out into the world. The sun, in this narrative, becomes the representation of the positive energy she radiates through her work as a YouTube content creator and influencer inspiring thousands of teenagers like her to pursue their dreams. 

Energy Warrior by Kankan Ramos

While many artists endeavor to control their brushes, visual artist Kankan Ramos used her signature style of utilizing the freedom and fluidity of her medium to create Energy Warrior, an acrylic on canvas triptych for Electric Youth. This vibrant, eye-catching piece consists of three round canvases, a shock of solid bright color - blue, yellow, and pink dominate each of the canvases then layered with richly textured streaks resulting in beautiful galaxy-looking patterns creating depth to her pieces.

In a Trance by Lhean Storm

To summarize her outlook during these evolving times, visual artist Lhean Storm painted In a Trance. Created using her Psytrance inspired signature style of high-energy, richly textured layers of paint on canvas, Lhean depicts a giant cat surrounded by the contrasts of recent occurrences in nature. Enchanted by the magic of vibrant colors as getting transfixed to a beautiful song, this painting is about resilience and hanging on to those that energize and give us pure delight amidst the gloom.

Sound Trip by Fitz Herrera 

Sound Trip, Fitz Herrera’s piece for Electric Youth is a colorful acrylic on canvas painting from his series of artwork called Sound Trips— a series of smaller works fundamentally influenced by his music mood at any given moment of creation. Known for his distinctive, highly energetic color palette and impasto style that are almost three-dimensional, Fitz created this piece using the same distinguishable style. The overflow of positive energy radiating from the piece is truly unmistakable.

Pink EnergyJuert Asejo, Karren Lopez, John Magnus and Pat Frades 

Beauty of Destruction No. 49 by Juert Asejo

Also another piece that is part of an ongoing series, Juert Asejo’s The Beauty of Destruction No. 49 oil on wood painting comes from his investigation of the concept of beauty and its influence in contemporary society. Juert created No. 49 for Electric Youth as an attempt to cross-examine the two overlapping concepts—beauty and the mindset of feeling forever young. Using his signature technique of marrying pastel and vivid hues, and the use of a palette knife to add breadth and depth to his pieces, Juert created No. 49, into a dream-like piece radiating with youthful energy.

For a While by Karren Lopez

Karren Lopez attempted to create a visual representation of that tranquil middle ground between the real and fabricated stories we tell ourselves; and the realities that we face. For a While is an acrylic on canvas painting depicting this serene middle ground’s energy. To create an illusion of depth to her piece, Karren proceeded to delicately splatter thin marks of darker paint on the dreamy pastel pink and blue dominated surface. 

Know Yourself by John Magnus

Know Yourself, a mixed media painting, is one of John Magnus’ introspective pieces that is inspired by the past, the present, and the question of the future. In this painting, John portrayed the subject to seem overwhelmed with movement, running through life, tackling obstacles, all the while remembering where he comes from and what he has gone through under the watchful eye of destiny. Armed with the momentum of ideas and creation, the same subject discerns with his eyes, an eye for discipline and an eye for humor, with which without, one could fall and cease to progress.

Powder to the People by Pat Frades

 Pat Frades’ piece Powder to the People is a polymer clay sculpture created as part of Electric Youth. In this art object, the mouth represents the youth of today and the courage they often exhibit to speak their minds, to fight for their rights, to find solutions to problems and to utter words of appreciation and love. The burst of bright-colored blooming mushrooms depicts the good energy that they radiate when they decide to use this freedom to inspire, to heal, and to help.

Green ScenesAstrud Moscoso, Jeanne Rose Gomez, Elie Quial, Ivy Pangilinan and Paulu Bruselas

Overwhelming Emotions by Astrud Moscoso

 Using her signature style of painting with bright acid color palettes and women with blank intriguing expressions on their faces, Astrud Moscoso’s Overwhelming Emotions, an acrylic on canvas piece for Electric Youth tells us about the energy released by thoughts. In this vibrant artwork, she painted a woman in bed surrounded by the vivid manifestations of her thoughts and imaginations— a teddy bear, an enemy, an alter ego. Astrud believes that the human mind is vastly powerful and being mindful of what we allow ourselves to think is important more than ever.

Self Discovery by Jeanne Rose Gomez

Jeanne Rose Gomez chose to feature her constant subject—a woman in a spacesuit, a spacesuit to represent an explorer in an adventure. Self Discovery, Jeanne’s ink and gouache on paper painting is not just about discovering oneself as the title suggests, it also traverses introspection in times of crises whilst keeping the adventure mindset alive. In this piece, Jeanne created a charming surreal scene involving a candy-colored atmosphere, fishes, floating whales, thick foliage of varying shades of green, and the subject in her most relaxed state, sipping a drink.

Here Comes a Thought by Elie Quial

Here Comes a Thought is a 2-piece mixed media on canvas piece by Elie Quial. The artwork reflects on the power of our intentions, and the thoughts that we choose to linger in our minds. The junction where nonchalance and anxiety meet to question what we cultivate in our very own heads. Elie painted two of her quirky lady characters in deep thought. Using her signature style, Here Comes a Thought is rendered with bright colors and bold lines to draw the viewer in, to look closer. 

I've Always Felt Like a Butterfly by Ivy Pangilinan

For Ivy Pangilinan, I've Always Felt Like a Butterfly—her mixed media on raw canvas piece for Electric Youth is a playful dance between her and the canvas, a fluttering of movements, a piece that exudes charm and an overflow of self-love energies. To create this piece, Ivy used her signature nature-influenced style of combining creamy pastel and dark-colored paint, textured marks, gestural thick solid strokes, and thin impulsive wobbly scratches. 

I Have Never Stayed So Long Anywhere but in Memory by Paulu Bruselas

I Have Never Stayed So Long Anywhere but in Memory is a piece from Paulu Brusela’s visual log of his attempt to examine snippets of his memories—places he’s been, experiences he’s had with people, and how constantly moving forward helped in many ways. This watercolor on paper piece features places in Paulu’s past. Painted using his signature style of rendering several scenes of vivid colors in one artwork like a comic strip.

The transference of this pulsating radiating abundance of positive energy from the artists through their pieces and to you, the viewer, is now in progress.

Collect artworks part of the Electric Youth here



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