Curator's Notes: Cognitive Dissonance

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Curator’s Notes: Cognitive Dissonance

By: Fabrianne Morales, Chief Curator, Arts Talk PH

Much has been said about the power of the mind. A single insight from the edge of consciousness can enrapture, sadden, comfort, torment, and tauntdirectly affecting any intended actions. However powerful, the human brain is subject to limitations. We all have that inner drive to align our attitudes to our self-concept, and this is where the notion crossed our mind. 

For this exhibition, we were inspired by Leon Festinger’s Cognitive Dissonance Theory. This theory is based on the notion that sustaining cognitive consistency after a dissonance-causing occurrence is a vital human drive; hence we will do what it takes to reduce the inconsistencies and restore cognitions into an accord.

Cognitive Dissonance is a collection of surreal pieces exploring the unsettling, curious feeling induced by simultaneously holding inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, and actions. It attempts to draw our attention to these manifestations, to examine the inconsistencies and the measures devised to reduce or eliminate that discomfiting feeling. It urges us to evaluate ourselves objectively and become aware of how conflicting cognitions—thoughts and actions contradicting firmly held beliefs and values—impact our lives.

The collection includes pieces by Analee Angeles, Aubrey Caabay, Benedict Reyna, RC Camarines, also known as elyen elyen, Erwin Capati, Gelofiiish, Ireland Jill, Isabel Monserrat Villaroman, Kalem, Kendall Colindon, LJ Navera, Mara Fabella, Mariel Garcia, and Ted Peñaflor.

View and collect art from our online exhibit Cognitive Dissonance

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